Welcome to Valley Community Baptist Church. We are one church in multiple locations with campuses in Avon and Bristol, CT. Our mission is to honor God and grow in Christ by worshipping God, equipping believers, bringing people to Christ and serving our neighbors. We would be honored to have you join us

Worship Service Times & Styles

We worship together on Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m in the Sanctuary in Avon. There's also a service at 10:30 a.m. at the Avon Campus in The Venue. There are communal dinners on most Saturday and Tuesday evenings at the Avon Campus. We also meet as small groups and classes throughout the week.  We look forward to meeting you.



Avon: 590 West Avon Road, Avon, Connecticut. Get directions and contact information.

Bristol: 718 Pine Street, Bristol Connecticut. We meet at Greene-Hills School in Bristol.

Children & Students

We encourage families to worship together on the weekend, and then choose children's programs and communities for middle school and high school students. During the week, we offer age-specific clubs and gatherings for children, middle school and high school students

There are also special events like summer camps, student retreats and the family summit that will help children and parents grow in their relationships with each other and God.


At Valley Community Baptist Church, we value knowing the truth of God and obeying His Word. Senior Pastor Jay Abramson is the lead teaching pastor. We invite you to listen to the latest sermon series.


Resurrection Weekend


Resurrection Weekend: Your Next Step


Thank you for celebrating with us this weekend! We hope that the eternal love of Jesus -- as demonstrated in song, in baptism, and in the preaching of His Word -- reached your heart during your time at Valley. Many people ask: "What happens next?" Here's a quick guide to help you and your family reflect on what you heard and also take those next steps on your spiritual journey ...

Come back this week. Pastor Jay begins a new sermon series, "There's Only One Gospel," next weekend at Valley Avon. Services will be held at our normal times: Saturday at 5 p.m.; Sunday at 8, 9:30, and 11 a.m.

Join a conversation: "Starting Point" is a series of discussions about faith. No topic is off-limits and no question is ignored. The conversations begin Sunday, April 28, at 9:30 a.m. Click here to sign up.

Make a connection: Valley has a wide variety of small groups and communities to help you connect to others. Check out our Adults page to get started, or simply call us at 860.673.6826 to inquire.

Explore the difference: Many people in our congregation are rooted in the Catholic faith. "Growing Up Catholic" is a class that helps you understand what Valley believes while also being respectful of your Catholic background. Join us Tuesday nights starting April 23 at 6:30 p.m. Click here to sign up.

Serve your neighborhood:  "Love CT" is a morning spent in service to our community. Join Valley volunteers and guests on Saturday, May 4, from 9 a.m. to.1 p.m. Explore the opportunities at our Love CT page.

Share the sermon:  Does somebody you know need to hear the evidence? Click here to download the transcript of Pastor Jay's message from this weekend. Click here to download Valley's discussion guide for this message. Click here to watch or share the complete sermon video.

Get the Valley News:  Our weekly email is your best source of up-to-date information about what's going on at Valley. Email our Communications Director to be added to the distribution list.

Finally, feel free to explore our website to discover all the opportunities at Valley's three locations.


Holy Week Resources for Families


Holy Week - Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday - is when we take time to remember Jesus' last week before He gave His life on the cross. This time is a mixture of sadness and celebration, and it is important that children see all the facets of these holy days. How do you take time during this week to look at Jesus' journey to the cross? How do you explain these sad events to young children?

Explore these great ideas and resources to open up conversations that point your family and friends to the importance of Holy Week and the amazing gift of Jesus' life for us.


Preschool - Jesus obeyed God's plan. He went to the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. That week, He died and was buried in a tomb. He did not stay dead. On the third day, He rose again because this is what He said would happen. He did this for us to be able to have life with God in heaven someday.

Elementary - Jesus, the only perfect human, took our sin when He died on the cross. He knew this was going to happen and the reason He gave His life is that He loves us. He did not stay dead. He rose again on the third day, just as He said, and talked and walked with His followers for 40 days. He then ascended to heaven to live with God and prepare a place for those who believe. When we accept Jesus' death as punishment for our sins and ask Him to be our Savior, He gives us eternal life.



"Messianic Passover Seder for Families" - traditional Passover meal elements and discussion topics for families with children

Holy Week: "Prepare for Easter with Your Family" – suggestions from Noel Piper

"Celebrating the Real Meaning of Easter with Your Kids" - suggestions from Erin James

"Finding Easter in Bunnies and Baskets" - from Focus on the Family

"HomeFront Magazine" - This Easter 2016 issue is available for purchase from David C Cook



"A Very Special Easter" - YouTube video with animated discussion with real-life children about Easter

"The Meaning of Easter" - YouTube video by Phil Vischer

"1, 2, 3, Jesus is Alive"  - YouTube music video by Yancy, Little Praise Party CD

"It's About the Cross" - YouTube music video by Go Fish Guys



The Valley Children's Library on the Avon Campus has many Holy Week books and DVDs available to check out. The library is open between 10:30-11 a.m. on Sundays.

"What is Easter?"  - by Phil Vischer

"The Easter Story for Children" - by Lucado/ Frazee/ Hill

"The Case for Christ for Kids" - by Lee Strobel

"The Very First Easter" - picture book by Paul L. Maier



Valley Family Ministry Pinterest Page - Resurrection Resources - Holy Week activities, books, and other ideas to celebrate at home

Easter Bible Reading Chart for kids - Hang the chart on the refrigerator so that you can place magnets onto the clouds as the readings are completed, or print the black and white version and allow kids to color the clouds as they complete their readings.

Create an Un-Easter Basket - an alternative to gifts at Easter

Resurrection Garden - a meaningful Easter experience

Make your own Resurrection Eggs - activity to walk through Holy Week together


Holy Week Resources for Individuals


Holy Week (also called Passion Week) takes place between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday.. Why is it called Passion Week? This name represents the passion with which Jesus willingly went to the cross. He did this to pay for your sins—the sins of all of His people.

Our hope at Valley is that you will take advantage of the break in church activities during Holy Week to spend time considering what Christ has done for us. Below are resources for doing so. 

Some will need to be prepared or purchased beforehand.

To study the biblical accounts of Holy Week, read the following chapters:

  1. Meditate through the week on "The Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross" by Dr. Ralph Wilson.

From what we know, Jesus didn't do a lot of talking on the cross. He was silent during the hours He hung there, except for a very few words. But these Seven Last Words provide a window to what was ultimately important to this One who was dying on the cross. These words reveal His incredible love, His determination, His humanness as well as His divinity, His intimate relationship with His Father, and finally His trust.

Meditate on these Seven Last Words personally and/or with your family - one each day during Holy Week. 

      Two ways:

a. Sign up for the free seven-day email devotional which includes questions for personal meditation as well as for group discussion. Or,  get all the devotional links (text or downloadable audio mp3) immediately.

b. Download the 50-page e-book for $8.49. The book includes artwork, a brief exposition and reflection on each of the Seven Last Words, plus questions for personal meditation as well as for group discussion.


 2. Download and read the free e-book: "Love to the Uttermost: a Devotional for Holy Week" by John Piper

Beginning Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, focus on the self-giving love of our Savior.


 3. Use the YouVersion 7-Day Reading Plan: On Calvary's Hill (online or get the free App)

7-Day Reading Plan with Max Lucado: Early in the final week of Christ, the props and players for Friday's drama are in position. Only this is no play: it's a divine plan. All heaven waits and watches. All eyes are on the Nazarene. Draw near to the Savior and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived.